I’m Catherine, currently living in New Zealand for the British winter and will be returning to Yorkshire in May 2017 I have a great love of Mindfulness practice and Floral design and have made 2016 a year of exploration and discovery. I love travelling and shortly after getting married in October 2015 myself and James decided to book our flights to kiwi land for September 2016. In between that James had decided he would love to cycle 5000 miles across Europe on his touring bike whilst I worked at three florists across England. I started at Wild Bunch in Shropshire, then went on to The Great British Florist in Herefordshire followed by Lucy MacNicoll in Yorkshire. Collectively all three gave me a wealth of experience and inspiration, feeding my passion and desire for flowers and the simple life.

September soon came and we arrived in Christchurch pottering around the heavily under construction city, hunting for a van suitable to be our new home and travelling mobile! Along came Missy our troublesome Mitsubishi. Her bumpy life shown well on her body work, but she had been kitted out with fabulous carpentry inside. After all, never judge a book by its cover – it’s what’s inside that counts! She has provided us with an abundance of mechanical worries in the short time we have had her and although she pulls tight on our purse strings she is our home, our transport, our roof over our heads on those rainy New Zealand days and we wouldn’t be without her.

After travelling around the South Island with our wonderful pals Hazel and Mark, we parted ways at the end of October in pursuit of work. On the drive back down from Abel Tasman I noticed a lovely looking place which went by the name of The Rosarie Flower Farm, later that day I called them up and to my surprise they had a vacancy. I interviewed the next day and luckily got the job. It’s an amazingly gorgeous place! Hundreds of beautiful roses, lilies, stocks and alstroemeria being grown in the glass houses as well as stunning little gift shop come casual floristry which you wouldn’t struggle to find a little something for any member of your family! You walk in, greeted by friendly staff and are advised to go ahead in to the chiller to see the full delight of flowers on offer! The smells of all the gorgeousness hits you and the range of flowers is like one of the most pretties rainbows of colour I have ever seen.


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